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I have to be honest, I've had my hair colored over the pandemic (more than once) but have not had a manicure or pedicure....and it shows. The truth is after reading more about the toxins that live in our bright, beautiful, sparkly polish you too might have some reservations.

Nails work the same way as the skin, as they can absorb toxins that go directly into your blood stream.

A few common ingredients that can lurk inside nail polish and leach into your bloodstream include:

  • Camphor - a chemical ingredient derived from turpentine oil.

  • DBP - (dibutyl phthalate) known as an endocrine disruptor that's banned in Europe.

  • Formaldehyde - a pungent smelling colorless gas that can cause a variety of symptoms from minor skin irritations, to allergic reactions as well as being linked to cancer if exposure is long term.

  • Toulene - can be recognized by its sweet, but highly toxic smell, again outlawed in Europe.

  • Triphenyl Phosphate - (TPHP) another endocrine disruptor used in plastic manufacturing and as a fire retardant.

But there are alternatives. Many salons and beauty supply stores across NJ now offer ecofriendly, toxin free nail polishes.

Our Bergen County, NJ favorite is Karma Organic Spa in Ridgewood and Englewood where you can experience an amazing and chemical free mani and pedi using their full line of polishes. They also carry their own brand of polish remover that's 100% Natural--Soy based with lavender oil and is acetone free. Be sure to use our 20% off discount code on products at their website checkout: GOINGGREEN

Poofy Organics, located in East Rutherford (and online) also offers a full line of polishes in vibrant colors that are safe and free of the major chemical culprits.

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