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Might not feel like summer yet, but it’s coming. With warmer weather expected and masking easing up a bit outdoors our entire faces will be getting a lot more attention.

Focusing just on the lips today I love connected with professional makeup artist Shari K.(@sharikbeauty on IG) to talk about trending looks and colors we can expect to see this summer. “Shari told me that everything is pointing to “bold statements especially for our lips and colors like corals and pinks will be important to have in your makeup bag.”

Taking Shari’s lead here are a few non toxic suggestions you should check out before Memorial Day weekend:

Orglamix Natural Lip Check Gel is super versatile and provides both lips and cheek color. It comes in 5 beautiful shades (I use Destiny). All Orglamix products are non toxic ,GMO and cruelty free, and use recycled packaging and will give you that POP of Color.

Westfield, NJ’ favorite Blende Beauty’s create custom, yes y ou heard me right lipsticks that match your skin tone and style. Their Slap me Silly and So Pretty shades look like real winners for the summer but the offer many colorful and mutated shades. (vegan, gluten, paraben and cruelty free)

Beautycouter s Give Em Lip color in hot pink or vibrant red (that’s the one I wore this past weekend) will really get you noticed. Beautiful coverage and long lasting too and of course a healthier alternative to traditionally made lipsticks

Organic skincare and makeup brand Poofy Organics located in East Rutherford, NJ offers an extensive selection of lipsticks (among other makeup and skincare products) that I have not tried but it’s on my list…they come in so many shades from bights to classic nudes and worth exploring.

Face coverage in warm weather months looks best when its translucent and not heavy.

BB creams (Beauty Balms) and tinted moisturizers work best as they give the face a healthy, natural glow.

It's important to try and get your skin in a good state before summer officially kicks off (by using clean products) regardless of your age or skin care issues so that you don't have to wear a lot of makeup daily.

I've been using the tinted face moisturizer Complexion Reduce by Bare Minerals throughout COVID for a bit of a warm glow. It's light w and 98% naturally derived ingredients. Lots of shades to choose from too so you can switch it up seasonally.

I'm also very excited to try a custom made tinted moisturizer by Blende Beauty and you should be too. They're specifically designed to match your own unique coloring and tones for that flawless look.

So the take-away for today is keep it light and simple this summer for your foundation needs.

You might want to try making your own DIY tinted moisturizer at home (Shari swears it's simple). Just grab your foundation, SPF moisturizer and liquid highlighter, (which was a new purchase for me. I used Barepro Glow Highlighter by Bare Minerald.

Mix a drop each of foundation, SPF moisturizer and liquid highlighter together

Lightly apply with a flat foundation brush to face

Finish by blending out with a beauty blender which you can pick up at CVS and makes a HUGE difference during your application process.

Now add a bright coral lip color, a dusting of a pink or violet shimmery eyeshadow - 2 coats of mascara, a sweep of a pink or coral blush and you are ready for the pool or a stroll in the city!

Be sure to use my 10% off discount code at checkout on all Orglamix products: greenbeauty

photo credit: Kellie Walsh Photos

model: @selena91

hat designer: J.P. Malpere

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