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Have you tried goats milk soap?

All the rage recently goats milk soap has proven to be very effective for a variety of skin ailments. Less allergenic than synthetically made soaps it can reduce skin inflammation and sooth dry skin. Many people who have suffered from eczema or psoriasis, have experienced amazing results by using goats milk soap.

But what is goats milk soap really…..well it’s exactly what it sounds like, a soap or bar made from raw goats milk. It may also include alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), sodium hydroxide, and a type of natural fat, like coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba, or other oil. Glycerin and beeswax are also popular natural stabilizers.

Checkout the benefits of Goats Milk Soaps:

  • It's effective in treating acne.

  • Can reduce skin inflammation, and nourish dry and damaged skin.

  • Known to reduce wrinkles and delay signs of skin aging.

  • Includes natural emollients and triglycerides that moisturize and hydrate skin.

  • Has the closest PH level to our skin so it helps protect it from invading bacteria and chemicals.

  • Acts as a gentle exfoliator.

  • Usually scented naturally with essential oils like lavender or lemon balm.

But it's important to know that all goats milk soaps are not alike. Knowing your maker and buying from only trusted brands is really key. Many soaps you’ll find at retail often contain artificial colors or scents, or synthetic detergents, which can aggravate sensitive skin. But there are many small batch, local brands that are committed to using only natural ingredients in their goats milk products.

One I highly recommend is Somers 27 Soap Company whose goats milk soaps are made using only quality ingredients - no sulfates, harsh chemicals, or toxins. Owner, Bradan Somers shared some additional perks "goats milk is loaded with vitamins like A and B as well as riboflavin, niacin, B6 and B12. The alpha-hydroxyl acids like lactic acid help remove dead skin skin, revealing healthier and rejuvenated skin."

You can find their extensive line of soaps, lotion bars and other products at local NJ farmers markets or on their website.

So give it a go and try goats milk soap. Discover for yourself all it has to offer to help your skin look youthful and healthy.

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