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After reading more about the volatile organic compounds, phthalates, formaldehyde, pesticides and other chemicals found in traditional diapers I just had to share. If you're trying to protect babies skin by using healthier products you should consider your diaper choices too.

Many disposable brands could pose a risk to infants and baby health, especially if their ingredients are in question.

According to the World Health Organization, (WHO), chemical exposure can affect babies physical and cognitive development. And guess what, diapers are not regulated by the FDA but by the Consumers Products Safety Commission, which doesn't require manufacturers to disclose their ingredients or test their products or materials for a variety of chemicals - only for lead.

Here's a few quick tips for choosing safer diapers:

  • Read the ingredients and be wary of products that do not disclose their ingredients

  • Consider buying cloth diapers like organic diapers are a great way to avoid the chemicals that lurk in disposable brands. They're also better for the environment as they produce less plastic waste.

  • if you must buy disposable look for those made without plastic components or brands that minimize the use of plastic in their product and packaging.

NJ based brand Cuddle Bear Bottoms, offers cloth diapers with microfiber, hemp, and organic inserts. Certainly worth exploring. Also Healthy Nesting (not in NJ) but deserves a shout out as the first diaper to meet the tough standards of Environmental Working Group,

Bottoms up!

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