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Our sense of smell is one of the most under appreciated of our senses. A simple whiff from a candle can put us into a better mood, and mindset. However, not all candles are alike. Here's a rundown n the three most common candle wax materials to help you make some better, healthier choices moving forward.

PARAFFIN - the most common material for mass market candles simple for their price. But paraffin contains lots of toxins. It's usually bleached to get its white colored and treated with chemicals like benzene and toluene which are know carcinogens. They're further treated with artificial colors and fragrances.

SOY - made from hydrogenated soybean oil, it's the same source used in tofu which makes it a more sustainable resource and a better option than paraffin candles. Just make sure your soy candles which usually need something else added to them to stand on their own dont have paraffins as the additive.

BEESWAX - is an all natural product that's a non toxic substance secreted by bees after they visit flowers and consume honey. Beeswax is used to make honeycombs and when they're harvested make for great candles. Beeswax also has the lowest toxicity for candle materials, releasing no toxic by products or heavy soot into the air.

Check out a few NJ candle makers who have all the bases covered.

Retailer The Lucky Honey Bee , in Jersey City offers ecofriendly candles using domestically produced soy and beeswax blends and are phthalate-free and scented with essential oils. They also use pure cotton wicks too.

Aguas Clara's Soap Co. features natural candles made from domestically grown soybeans. They are phthalate-free and infused with natural essential oils.

Lovelight Handmade, creates 100% soy, wax, vegan and non toxic candles. Best of all each candle vessel is refillable so when you buy one you have it for life.

Firefly Scents, makes small batch, specialty soy candles, wax melts, and tea lights

So before you light your next candle be sure to know who made them, what's inside

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