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In troubled economic times, many Women are facing more pressure than usual. Not only do we as moms have to do a lot of budgeting for the household but sometimes the budget includes your personal beauty and hair care. But even with the money crunch we still need to look good, so here are a few of my professional tips on saving money when trying to budget. No sense in looking bad and going down with the stock market.

1. If all else fails to keep your hair professionally cut, ask your stylist for a dry cut or skip the blowout and styling, this can save you money.

2. For those women who color their hair: Hair color can be a challenge if you normally visit the colorist every 4-6 weeks for a touch-up, simply extending it to 8 weeks with an at-home root touch-up in between can cut big expenses. (There are great root touch-up products on the market at your local drugstores.) Simply choose a color close to what you normally use, one shade lighter than usual will guarantee softer results. When purchasing over the counter hair color, always remember these four rules:

Cool, ash, drab means cuts reddish tones, never use on light ends; it does not cover grey well.

3. Neutral, natural is always the best choice for grey coverage, do not run through on dry ends (may cause dull results) opt for a glaze in a lighter shade to refresh your shaft and ends.

4. Gold, warm, honey means yellow and orange undertones, unless you really want a WARM color stay clear. COLOR DOES NOT LIGHTEN COLOR; do not attempt to lighten hair by using a lighter shade. Opt for highlighting, home kits may cause tiger stripes, when using a paint-on kit, do not move hair after painting on highlights, do not glob color near roots (body heat causes the bleach to run and develop fast), keep streaks at least 2 inches apart.

5. Also new to the “over the counter” collection are really nice Glazes. A glaze imparts a fabulous shine and blends grey hair gently. Choose a color close to what you have and if you’re blonde choose a lighter shade than your current color. A glaze will give your hair that polished look without the price.

Other suggestions include shopping at discount beauty supplies where you can as they carry some pretty reasonable products with natural or botanical ingredients. Just be sure to read the product labels before you purchase anything. Remember sulfate-free/ paraben-free shampoo, are gentle and will not strip your color.

6. Lastly, you can stretch your buck when you finally do visit your favorite salon by asking the stylist for a more natural hair color, and avoiding high maintenance color and cuts.

Written by Organic Hair Experts, Maria Fontana,

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