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Have you heard about greenwashing or cleanwashing? If you've switched to more natural products you may have heard these phrases before. It not, they are tactics used by mainly big beauty brands to confuse consumers into believing they're using clean, ecofriendly and non toxic products. But in reality they're NOT.

Many very popular brands use key words in their brand advertising like "natural", "soy extracts", "gentle on your skin" to confuse or mislead you into thinking their products and ingredients are all safe.

So what can consumers do?

  • GET EDUCATED - become a savvy shopper and expect complete transparency from your brands.

  • DON'T SETTLE - only use products that are safe and can back up their claims of being green or "all natural."

  • ASK QUESTIONS - be sure to read the entire product label to really understand what it's made of.

  • DISCOVER SMALL BATCH MAKERS - there are many NJ businesses that are really committed to creating only the best skincare products that you are your family can feel good about using.

Many of the makers listed on my website stand behind their products and I encourage you to find reach out to them. My NJ listing page showcases brands by county and category making it easier than ever to find the perfect product.

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