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We all know the benefits of a facial scrub, but what about a scalp scrub?

Scalp care is so important, especially after a day of swimming in a chlorinated pool. sun exposure, the beach or excessive sweat. Your hair follicles can get clogged due to sebum buildup. If follicles are in fact clogged they can become unhealthy and could impact new hair growth and the overall health of your hair.

Clarifying shampoos' can help with buildup but don't focus too much on your scalp. There are many DIY (Do-It-Yourself) options and trying one out at home will help keep you scalp healthy and happy.

Here's one to try:

1/4 cup Himalayan Salt

1 tbs Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tbs Coconut Oil

1 tbs Organic Honey

5 drops of either Tea Tree Oil (which is a natural antiseptic or Peppermint Oil

that can stimulate blood flow.

Mix together all the ingredients and apply it to your scalp when hair is damp. GENTLY massage and leave on no longer than 10 minutes. Wash hair as usual.

Using a scrub like this weekly or even 2x a month should leave your scalp feeling clean and your hair shiny and healthy.

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