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As humans, we create an enormous amount of waste.

Whether it be through single use plastic, fast fashion, or other forms of problematic consumerism - we truly know how to deplete the beauty of our world. But what if we told you that much of our world's pollution doesn’t come from what we do - but what we are.

Did you know that human hair is considered a waste material in most parts of the world? The accumulation of fiber clogs drainage systems and leaves behind an immense amount of environmental issues. Due to the fact that hair is composed of keratin, it is pretty resistant to the phases of decomposition. In short, the length at which it takes to decompose after being disposed of is intrinsically longer than, say, the process of decomposition for an apple. With that being said, you probably don’t think about where your severed strands end up after visiting the hairdresser?

At La Belle Vie Salon, these environmental issues are on the forefront of our mind.

Seeing that we’re a hair salon, we’re posed with the question - how can we make a difference in the repurposing, and reusing of the hair and products involved with our business?

So, What Did We Do?

We’ve chosen sustainability. 90% of all our waste, which would typically end up in landfills due to chemical components, is recycled through our partnership with Green Circle Salons.

In collaboration with The Green Circle program, there’s been an immediate impact. Supplies to properly sort materials are provided, and methods to schedule pickups for waste are scheduled as needed. For staff members, online training is given - making it quick and easy to become educated.

Through this program, we’ve been able to tackle many of the tasks and daily happenings that proved to be unsustainable prior. For example, all hair clippings, extensions, foils, etc, that were once considered waste are now collected by GCS to be turned into valuable, and renewable materials. Additionally, before our collaboration with GCS we were averaging a little over a gallon of excess color waste per month. Much of this color waste makes its way back into our local water supplies. As a result, it was imperative that we acted with a sense of urgency, and found a way to keep these chemicals in a facility where they wouldn’t make their way back into South Jersey waters.

We’re aware of our footprint as a business, and are reducing the impact on our environment by 90%, which adds up annually. Being able to share these numbers with our team, guest and other salons helps to create tremendous awareness which otherwise may have been dismissed. However, there are still over 100 salons in our immediate area who’re not participating in this easy to implement program. Looking at our results, and the immediate impact that we’ve had thus far, it’s essential that we continue to progress towards sustainability within our industry.

Our Award Winning Efforts

Since the outset of our goal for sustainability, our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Recently, Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe, of the Department of Environmental Protection, presented the Governor's Environmental Excellence Award to individuals who have undoubtedly changed the game for the New Jersey domain.

We are proud to say that La Belle Vie Salon has secured the winning spot for Healthy and Sustainable Business.

You Can Make a Difference!

How are you going to set a goal to better our environment? For us, it took the willpower and vision of dire need to reverse the damage we have made prior. We love what we do, and we love the planet we live on. The simple steps of reducing color waste, reducing water usage, and ensuring that much of our hair waste is repurposed or disposed of properly has made a world of a difference.

We’re making our mark, so we can continue to keep our planet as beautiful as we keep you.

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