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While you might wish it weren't so, the skin around your eyes can show the earliest signs of premature aging. For one thing the skin is thinner and more delicate and with all the work we are not doing online our eyes are working harder than ever. From blinking to expressing our emotions, all everything in between can all have a negative impact on our skin.

So what can we do?

Experimenting with homemade remedies and some tried and true products might be the best course of action. Here's a few suggestions worth exploring:


Caffeine stimulates circulation when applied to the eye area and has antioxidant properties that may help reduce wrinkles and even protect against further damage.

Hyssop Beauty Apothecary, in Nutley, NJ offers an amazing Coffee based eye cream that specializes in depuffing, as well as brightening and smoothing this tender skin area.

Be sure to use our 10% off discount code at checkout on their website: Goinggreennj


Another caffeine-rich staple that when applied to your lids can reduce that puffy look we sometimes get when we've either not gotten enough sleep or worked too hard the day before. Try soaking cotton pads in a cooled brew of green tea and applying them to your lids or using the actual tea bags (again once they're cool to touch) to your eye area.


High in water content cucumbers have Vitamin K to help reduce inflammation. Try slicing them up thinly and chill in the fridge before applying directly to your eye area.

Flora's Cottage, in Ridgewood, NJ carries a Biolyn Eye Cream that's light and silky, enriched with organic ingredients like cucumber extract to help skin look fresher and more radiant.


This important nutrient found in foods like nuts, sweet potatoes isn't just essential for eye health when absorbed through food - it's also a powerful under eye protector when applied topically. Try gently patting capsule oils (once you break them open) directly under your eyes to help fight photoaging and minimize inflammation.


Though it won't necessarily combat circles, coconut oil has been touted as a solution for fine lines and dry under eye skin. Known as a "superfood" it's also high concentration of fatty acids makes it an inflammation reducing beauty salve that can be applies to your under eyes. Timeless Organics, eye serum features a coconut oil and other natural organic ingredients made specifically for this delicate area of your skin.

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