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I love sharing tips by makeup artist Shari K IG handle, @sharikbeauty who I was lucky enough watch Shari in action, during a photo shoot makeover.

She shared with me her list of Do's and Don'ts for healthy eyelash care to help them look there very best.

If lashes are super straight curl them using an eyelash curler BEFORE applying mascara. Curling after you apply is not good for the health of the lashes.

Instead of using a primer, dust a small amount of translucent powder over lashed using an eyeshadow brush. The light coating of powder will thicken the lashes making them appear thicker after you apply mascara.

To condition and keep lashes healthy apply castor oil to them using a clean mascara wand. Also brushing the oil across your eyebrows keeps them conditioned and helps with growth. (Shari does this nightly).

Be sure to always use clean makeup products without parabens and other toxins to support your overall wellbeing.

And always, always remove mascara and all your makeup before bedtime to avoid eye irritations and worse.

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