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After what feels like an eternity of quarantine skincare, and minimal zoom-meeting makeup, this summer offers a much-needed return to bold, natural and unique looks.

There’s nothing like warmer weather to make you want to go out and look your best and finding out what’s on trend (and what isn’t) is super important.

I love connecting with makeup artist Shari Kanell at @sharikbeauty on IG who reinforced these trending looks, as well as those to avoid:

What’s Hot?

Fresh and Simple Skin

The no-makeup-makeup look isn't going anywhere, so if you are into a natural, minimal makeup look you are right on track. Try Complexion Rescue by Bareminerals in a variety of shades to keep your skin looking dewy and sun-kissed.

Bold Eyes

The eyes were a focal point while we were all wearing masks and it’s a look that continues. Adding a pop color across the lid with a hint of shimmer can brighten up your entire face. Take a look at Orglamix Natural Eye Shadows made without parabens and sulfates.

Playful Lips

A vibrant and beautiful lip will get you noticed. Be confident and go bold this summer with electric corals and standout reds. Checkout Blende Beauty and their custom line of mineral based pigments and pure vegetable colorants – always animal and cruelty free.

The Brow

Big brows are not new but are still in season. Defining your brows has never been easier with fill in pencils or brow pomades by Orglamix . Even trying a natural henna tint this summer can be fun and many salons now offer the service.

No More Black Eyeliner

Who needs black liner when aqua and blue shades not only make you look younger but can add a bit of brightness to your face. Black can be harsh for women of a certain age; Try Poofy Organics Navy Eyeliner (great for sensitive eyes) to help you define the perfect line.

Be sure to use our 10% off coupon code: greenbeauty on all Orglamix products site wide at their checkout.

What’s NOT hot this summer?

Full-coverage, Matte Concealer

With everyone taking better care of their skin and using cleaner products our skin doesn’t need all that makeup. No more hiding our imperfections, its time to let our natural beauty shine. Keep paying attention to your skincare routines in the am and pm and you won't need or want all that heavy coverage ever again.

Brown Lipstick is gone—hooray!

Seriously no one really looked good in brown lipstick. While I still love a neutral lip the color should be more tinted and sheer to keep in line with a fresher looking face.

Technicolor Makeup

While some of us might be able to pull off a rainbow eye the rest of us just looked silly with multi hues lining our lids. You can opt out of all that color and still add a pop of shimmer to accentuate your eyes in a more natural way.

Super Bright Under Eye Concealer

Yes we want to hid our circles but learning how to apply your concealer with a lighter touch and using the right shade makes all the difference in the world. Blending your concealer with a soft makeup sponge and using a minimal amount of a peachy hue (for most of us) will keep circles at bay and help you look well rested. Just be sure to find the right shade to match your skin tone for a flawless look.

Bye-Bye Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes can really accentuate your eye area, but we tend to use dark colors and way too much of it. Harsh blacks and grays are a thing of the past—we all want a lighter and brighter feeling so ditch those heavy colors this summer and replace them with shades that have some soft shine.

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