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What are your makeup brushes made of?

You're probably already aware that being kind to animals and choosing products that don't test on them is the absolutely right thing to do. But what about our makeup brushes?

Did you know that most brushes are made from animal fur like squirrel's, mink, sable, horse (sometimes called pony or camel) or goat hair?

I don't even want to share the methods used by some brands to get that fur--but I can confirm it can be cruel and inhumane.

If you're ready to be a "in the know" consumer that wants to make the switch to non animal hair brushes there are many synthetic versions available that use Taklon, a theromplastic polyester that mimics the characteristics of natural sable hair. While I am not a supporter of my personal care products or accessories being made from plastic I discoverd the choices for makeup brushes are either plastic or animal hair.

How To Choose A Brush

So you want to pick the perfect non animal brush for you? Let us help! Below you will find a few of our favorites. The good news is that since synthetic brushes of man-made materials, are almost always cruelty free and PETA approved.

Check out the following brands:

  • 100% Pure

  • Bdellium Tools

  • Blende Beauty

  • Branded J Collections

  • The Body Shop

  • Eco Tools

Most synthetic brushes us bamboo handles and other natural and recyclable materials making them more sustainable overall. They are also naturally more hygienic than animal hair brushes, which are more porous and therefore more likely to collect bacterial and microbial growth.

Since synthetic brushes are usually laser-cut into sharp-angled styles and the hairs tend to stick together, they also work best for any meticulous, clean application you might need, such as eyeliner, lipstick, or eyebrow pomades.

So if you want to be kind to animals while also being hypoallergenic (sounds like a true win-win!), cruelty-free, synthetic brushes are the way to go.

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